3 Benefits To A Zone Control System

Today’s air conditioners are very energy efficient – but what if we told you there was a tool available to make your AC even more energy efficient than it already is? This tool is known as a zone control system, and not only can you achieve greater energy efficiency with it, you can improve your overall comfort while also saving money. At Advantage Airtech, we have seen just how beneficial zone control systems have been for our Whitby customers, so we are going to share 3 of the top benefits a zone control system can give you and your property.

What is a Zone Control System?

First, we’d like to explain exactly what a zone control system is. Your air conditioner delivers cool air via air ducts; with a zone control system, motorized dampers are installed into these ducts, and each one is connected to a thermostat that controls the damper. By controlling each damper, “zones” are created, allowing for individualized heating and cooling per zone.

Benefits of a Zone Control System

Here are a few reasons to consider adding a zone control system to your Whitby air conditioner:

  • Reduction in energy use – being able to control what does and does not get cooled can help reduce your energy consumption considerably, particularly if you have a large home or have rooms of your home that remain largely unoccupied.
  • Greater comfort – a single-set thermostat can present challenges when trying to reach a temperature that works for everyone in your home. By creating separate zones throughout your house, you have the ability to cool as wanted/needed. A zone control system also helps eliminate the occurrence of hot and cold spots that can develop when using a single-set thermostat.
  • Less strain on your system – when you are using only the exact cooling you need, and not cooling an entire home based on a single-set thermostat, your air conditioner works less. Less work means less wear-and-tear on your system, which helps prevent premature aging.

Professional Zone Control Help

Installing a zone control system is not a DIY kind of job: it involves your ductwork, motorized dampers, your thermostat and electrical systems.

If you are interested in having a zone control system installed for your air conditioning needs in Whitby, call the experts you can trust: Advantage Airtech.