3 Design Features to Look for in a New Furnace

Ready to buy a new furnace, but not sure what to look for? We’ve got some recommendations that will help you to save money and stay more comfortable for years to come (as long as you have a professional install the heater and schedule regular maintenance visits!).

High Efficiency Rating

In an area like ours, efficiency is everything when it comes to a heater. We use our heaters a lot, and the bills can really add up. You want to be able to feel comfortable without using up a whole lot of energy to do so, and the ENERGY STAR seal indicates that the design of the system does just that. This is a nationally recognized symbol of a system’s performance and efficiency. You also want one with a high AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency)—preferably higher than 90.

Variable Speed Blowers or Multi-Stage Furnaces

Any furnace upgrade will probably mean better efficiency and comfort if you are replacing a decades-old system. But a modulating furnace offers the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. This type of system makes automatic adjustments to the gas flow and the blower fan speed so that the temperature always stays within one or two degrees of the thermostat settings. Look for a modulating furnace with variable speed blowers or a multi-stage heating system. The latter will only adjust the fan at two or three different speeds, but it will still provide better comfort and temperature accuracy than a standard furnace.

Optional Add-Ons

You might want to look for a system from a top brand that makes it easy to add on quality smart thermostats, air cleaning systems, humidification control, and more. You may decide you want these features later, and it’s much easier if the system is designed for easy add-on later on!

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