3 Things to Consider When Installing a New Boiler

Few heating systems available today can offer you the advantages of a gas-powered boiler. With superb fuel efficiency and low-repair maintenance leading to many years of service, a boiler is a heating option that will return many times its installation cost.

Since 1987, Advantage Airtech has helped homeowners in Ajax, ON with boiler installation. Keep these following three things in mind when you plan for your boiler installation, and then give us a call to get started.

3 Things to Keep in Mind for Boiler Installation

  • Fuel source: Boilers, much like furnaces, can run from different power sources. Modern boilers usually run from natural gas, electricity, or oil. However, of the different models, gas boilers are the most popular because of their efficiency and low cost of operation. If you do not have a gas line into your home, than a boiler may not be the optimal choice for you. Talk to installers about your options.
  • Sizing: To work properly, a boiler needs to be “sized” to fit your home’s heating needs. A boiler too large or too small for your home will lead to problems and a short life for the unit. This is one of the reasons you need to have professionals involved from the start of the installation process: correctly sizing a boiler requires precision calculations that take into account multiple factors about your home. Professionals will also help you avoid the common mistake of going for a larger boiler than you need; there is such a thing as “too much heating power,” which will cause a boiler to short cycle and wear down much faster.
  • Pipe insulation: A problem that boilers can face during a tough Ontario winter is freezing in their pipes. Should this occur, the pressure increase can cause the pipes to burst. The pipes of boilers need insulation and protection as much as the pipes of your plumbing system. With the help of professional installers, you can rest assured that your boiler system will be installed with the proper insulation to prevent pipe-freeze during low temperatures.

You Need Professional Installation

Trying to go “do-it-yourself” for boiler installation can be disastrous. Hiring amateurs for the work can turn out almost as badly. You’ll likely end up with a boiler the wrong size that has numerous leaks from shoddy connections. You’ll save time and money with skilled professional handling the work from the start.

At Advantage Airtech, we specialize in gas boiler installation and a variety of other heating services in Ajax, ON. We are a full-service heating and cooling company with 24-hour service whenever you need repairs. Make us your first call when you think you’d like boiler installation for your home.