4 Reasons Local Homeowners Love Their Boilers

Severe weather calls for a heating system that can handle the toughest of jobs. And a boiler is just the system for homeowners in our area, able to heat efficiently and effectively no matter the weather, as long as the system is well maintained. In fact, there are many reasons that local homeowners love their boilers.

  • Hydronic heating is comfortable and consistent. The power of hydronic heating is that heat radiates from the floor or from a distribution point like a baseboard heater in order to heat up the people and objects in a room, not the air. Heat transfers directly to you, so you feel warmer faster.
  • Today’s boilers are incredibly efficient. Decades ago, boilers used inefficient methods to heat up the tank. But today, the efficient combustion of natural gas along with an efficient distribution system means efficiency ratings of well over 85% (a big improvement over decades-old systems with a 60% efficiency rating).
  • Boilers can help to keep the air healthy. Furnaces and other forced-air heating systems have filters which block particles as the system draws in air to circulate it around your home. However, many of these filters are ineffective at removing the smallest and most harmful particles, which just get sucked into the system and blown right back into the air, making it a lot easier to breathe them in. You don’t have to worry about stale, contaminated air getting pushed around with a boiler. And a boiler can even help to add some humidity back into the air.
  • You get quiet, multi-zone control. When a furnace kicks into gear, you hear it. The hum of the fan means it’s working, but that doesn’t make it a pleasant sound to hear in the middle of the night. With a boiler, you can control different rooms in the home individually from one another. And when the boiler starts up, you don’t have to hear the whir of a fan motor.

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