Air Conditioning Compressor Repair

We all love coming home to a nice cool home during the hot summer months. In order to make sure that happens you need to have a good AC system. One of the most critical components of your air conditioner is the compressor. Most homeowners aren’t aware of why their compressor is so important so we wanted to put together a quick description of what it does and some of the more common issues that can happen with it. Give us a call here at Advantage Airtech if you need any kind of Ajax, ON air conditioning repair services.

What Does The Compressor Do?

Your air conditioning has one simple job: remove heat from your home and exhaust it outside. In order to do this it uses a compressed refrigerant. If you’ve ever used one of those compressed cans of air to clean your computer you likely noticed that the outside of the can got cold when you released air from it. Your AC operates in a very similar manner: it compresses a refrigerant and then releases it inside a series of coils so that they get very cold. A large fan pulls warm air from your home and blows it over these coils in order to cool it.

Ajax, ON Air Conditioning Repair: Compressor Issues

There are a couple different things that can happen with your compressor.

  • Motor failure – If you notice that your AC is just blowing warm air through your home you can go to the outside unit and check to see if you hear the compressor running. If it isn’t, then that might be the reason why you aren’t getting any cool air into your home. The motor might have failed because of internal issues or because it can’t start.
  • Capacitor – Your air conditioner has several motors in it that need to operate in order for you to get cooling. Each of these motors require a capacitor in order to function. The capacitor stores an electrical charge that it releases to act as a booster when the motor needs to start up. Your compressor has a motor with a capacitor and if the capacitor isn’t working then your compressor won’t be  able to start and provide you with any cooling.

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