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How to Save on Air Conditioning in Ajax and Oshawa

You can find the practical tips anywhere online: Close your blinds or drapes during the day. Don’t use the oven during the day. Run the dishwasher at night. Plant trees on the most sun-exposed exterior walls of your home. Run the ceiling fans counterclockwise. Stay perfectly still all the time. But what most businesses don’t … Continue reading How to Save on Air Conditioning in Ajax and Oshawa

How to Save Money on Heating | 4 Easy Ways to Spend Less on Heating in Ajax

Our customers in Ajax are always asking how to save money on heating, and we have a handful of tips for both short and long term savings. Incremental savings add up. If you can save $50 a year by making small lifestyle changes, and you can make 5 or 10 changes, that’s a decent chunk … Continue reading How to Save Money on Heating | 4 Easy Ways to Spend Less on Heating in Ajax

The Energy Star Label

The Energy Star program is a joint program of the US environmental protection agency and the US department of Energy. The program’s goal is to help consumers save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is of particular concern in newer, better-insulated homes, or in older homes that have been recently weatherized. The “tightness” of modern houses means that any pollutants that get into the home stay there – and perhaps even increase in concentration over time if the source of the pollution is inside the house.

Green Thinking for Green Thinkers

There are a lot of media stories about exciting new green buildings: LEED-certified buildings, net-zero buildings, buildings made out of recycled shipping containers, homes in New Urbanist communities, even “ultra-small” homes. But a new home can be pricey. Fortunately, though, all these innovative green ideas can be applied where you live right now. In fact, going green in your existing home might even be better for the environment than building a brand-new home.

LEED Accreditation – What Is It, and How Can I Get It for my Home?

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally-recognized green building rating system based on standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The LEED system is voluntary and offers homebuyers third-party verification that a home is sustainable, water efficient, and energy-saving; is designed to conserve construction materials and reduce pollution; and has clean indoor air.