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Understanding Furnaces – How Efficiency Works

Most furnaces these days are purchased with two factors in mind, in this order: Price. Efficiency. Modern furnace models are always more efficient than those made 20 or more years ago, and there are a range of performance options across budget levels. Budget is mostly closely tied to efficiency, and the efficiency rating of a new furnace … Continue reading Understanding Furnaces – How Efficiency Works

4 Reasons Local Homeowners Love Their Boilers

Severe weather calls for a heating system that can handle the toughest of jobs. And a boiler is just the system for homeowners in our area, able to heat efficiently and effectively no matter the weather, as long as the system is well maintained. In fact, there are many reasons that local homeowners love their boilers.

Is Your Furnace Operating Safely?

When it comes to your safety and the safety of the people in your household, you shouldn’t take any risks. Natural gas heating equipment could run into problems that allow gas or carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

3 Ways You’re Throwing Away Money on Heating Costs

Around this time of the year, you cannot go a day without using your heating system in our neck of the woods. And all of this continuous use really takes its toll on your monthly budget. Is there a way to lower monthly energy and fuel costs without turning down the temperature to a setting that is downright uncomfortable? Definitely—if you’re willing to work with quality technicians to get your system into shape. Here are 3 ways you may be spending far too much on your monthly bills, and what you can do to solve the problem.

Signs that Your Old Furnace Is Done For

Eventually, the components of any mechanical, gas, or electrical system will wear down. We know that people want to save a buck or two, and that’s why some homeowners wait until their heating systems have completely broken down before scheduling a replacement.