Common Causes of Boiler Leaks

When we advise our customers about their options for quality heating during the winter, we always emphasize one of the major advantages of installing a boiler: few repair needs. Unlike furnaces and heat pumps, boilers contain few moving parts, so they rarely fall prey to mechanical failures. However, boilers can still experience operating troubles, such as frozen pipes during heavy cold. The most common repair need that boilers experience is leaking.

Modern boilers are constructed to have high resistance to leaks, but they can still occur, especially on older boilers or ones that haven’t received regular maintenance. We’ll go over a few reasons that you might encounter leaks and require boiler repair in Whitby. Contact Advantage Airtech if you need any heating service in Whitby, like sealing a leaking boiler for instance. We’ve delivered excellent HVAC services since 1987.

3 Common Reasons for Boiler Leaks

Rust and corrosion: The chemical process that occurs when metal encounters oxygen and moisture leads to corrosion, which severely weakens the metal’s strength. If rust develops inside your boiler, often because of a rusted-through anode rod at the top of the boiler tank, it will frequently cause leaks to develop throughout the tank. Get repairs done as soon as possible before you need to have the entire tank replaced.

High water pressure: The pressure inside your boiler should remain steady, mostly thanks to the expansion tank. However, trouble with the expansion tank, the pressure release valve, or a buildup of sediment inside the water tank will lead to a spike in water pressure. High pressure will cause leaks to spring up all across the pipes, often in places you can’t see. If you hear a rumbling sound inside your boiler, it might indicate elevated water pressure. Get a technician on the problem as soon as you can.

Improper initial installation: If you inherited a boiler with your home, it may have received an amateur installation. One of the most common troubles with a poorly installed boiler is shoddy soldering along the copper fittings that attach to the tank. Professionals can repair these fittings, although depending on how badly the original installation was done, you might benefit from a completely new installation.

Leaking is an insidious problem: if left without repair, it will continue to grow and spread throughout the plumbing connected to your boiler. This not only threatens your home heating, it threatens your home with damaged construction material and mildew growth. If you have leaking problems in your boiler, don’t wait for it to “get better.” It won’t.

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