Common Heating Repairs Caused by Lack of Maintenance

The heating and cooling systems installed in your home need proper care to ensure a long lifespan of effective service. You should get two maintenance checks done a year: a spring visit for your AC and a fall visit for your heater. Because we’re coming up on the colder months in Toronto, heating repair is an important issue. We’re going to zero in on some of the common heating repairs we see during the winter that customers could have avoided with regular maintenance. We hope that you’ll call Advantage Airtech to schedule a heating tune-up so you can avoid these problems for yourself. And if you already need a heating repair in Toronto, we are the company to call.

Clogged air filters: If you have a furnace or any other forced-air heating system in your home, you need to change the filters on it regularly. If you haven’t changed your filter in some time, then the dust build-up in your system will reduce air flow and threaten to damage the internal components. A maintenance technician will determine if clogging is causing serious problems and help remedy it.

Boiler sediment and lime build-up: If the pipes and lines on your boiler aren’t kept in good repair, they can start to crack and leak. This can draw excess sediment into your boiler, a common cause for it to overheat. Lime scale can also start to develop on the inside of the boiler tank if the tank doesn’t get regular flushing and cleaning. Lime scale will affect a boiler’s ability to heat water.

Electrical malfunctions: If electricity powers your boiler, furnace, or heat pump, lack of care can lead to the electrical system deteriorating. Bad wiring can trigger numerous problems, from an improperly calibrated thermostat to burned out motors. A regular maintenance visit will also provide a thorough check of your electrical system and see that all the connections are correct.

All these problems can leave you with insufficient heating during one of the coldest days of the year. They may also require expensive repairs. A simple maintenance visit can prevent both problems. Advantage Airtech does maintenance and heating repairs in Toronto for boilers, furnaces, radiant floor heating, and heat pumps.

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