Do You Have Enough Ventilation in Your Home?

Did you know that the air inside of our homes is typically a lot worse than the quality of the outside air? Fresh air can do you a world of good, but in our area, letting fresh air into the home would do more harm than good, especially in the winter. Luckily, there is a system you can install that allows you to let some fresh air in without opening a window and sacrificing energy efficiency.

Sealing the Home for Energy Efficiency

We keep our homes tightly sealed so that the heating and cooling equipment in our homes can work at maximum efficiency. While it may be possible to open a window and let some fresh air into the home in the spring, winter brings harsh weather that would completely interfere with the operation of our home furnaces.

This means that the air you breathe is the same air that has been circulating through your HVAC system over and over again. While you may have an air filter to remove many of the airborne allergens in your home, your air quality can still suffer. Often, homeowners complain that the air feels stuffy and stale, but this is exactly the sort of problem a heat recovery ventilator can tackle.

Heat Recovery Ventilators Allow for Ventilation

One of the best solutions to a home with poor ventilation is a heat recovery ventilator. This unit has the ability to bring in fresh air without harming the efficiency of your heating system to a significant degree. As a fan sucks in fresh air from the outside, it is preheated. The stale air leaving the home transfers its heat to the fresh air that enters. This fresh air is then used to heat the home.

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