Ductless Air Conditioning: An Efficient AC Alternative

Summer is coming up fast, and the weather will soon be too warm to think about going without any air conditioning in the home. Many homeowners without air conditioning systems in place end up purchasing window AC units, which are not known to run efficiently. These systems are noisy and can use up a lot of energy over the summer without living up to your expectations for performance. One of the best alternatives is the ductless air conditioner.

Ductless AC: How It Works

A ductless air conditioning system contains an outdoor unit and an inside portion, just like a standard AC. The outside part of your ductless AC contains the compressor, which adds pressure the refrigerant so that it can move through the system. It’s also home to a coil which allows heat to dissipate and a large fan that assists in the process.

The inside portion contains a blower fan and a coil that allows refrigerant to absorb heat. The only difference from a traditional AC is that the inside air handler is mounted high up on the wall so the fan can blow the cool air directly into the room. The inside and outside parts are connected by the refrigerant line and the electrical wiring.

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning is best for homes (or rooms) without any ducts installed. Duct installation is a hassle, but installing a ductless system should take less than a day. Window units are noisy and can encounter a lot of problems, while ductless mini splits are highly efficient.

In fact, the lack of ductwork can be a major benefit. Ducts tend to leak and use up more energy than is necessary to cool the living space, while air handlers never have this particular issue. With a larger home, you will need several ductless indoor units around the house, but this is of benefit since you can shut off the air to one unoccupied room only so that you don’t waste more energy than you have to.

Only trust professionals to install your ductless AC system. Call Advantage Airtech to set an appointment for ductless mini split system installation in the Whitby area.