End-of-Season Heating Considerations

The winter isn’t over yet, but we are heading into the last stretch of the deep cold. We hope that so far you haven’t had to struggle with your heating in Markham, ON and that you’ve enjoyed a warm house during the chilly months. However, don’t let your heating go slack during the final leg! Here are some important considerations for the end of the season.

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Are There Any Current Repair Needs?

If so, don’t put them off until heating season starts again. You should always have heating system repairs done as soon as you detect a problem. A malfunction that goes without repairs can turn into a safety issue (especially with gas-powered heaters), and the fault will almost certainly get worse without attention. You don’t want to turn your heater on during the fall only to have it immediately start malfunctioning, or worse, break down entirely. Get the problems fixed now so you won’t have to worry about it later.

Should You Schedule Regular Maintenance?

Heating maintenance is usually done in the fall, before the cold weather starts, while air conditioning maintenance is done in the spring. However, if you neglected to have heating maintenance done in the fall, or were unable to schedule it, it’s never too late to have it done. You should have an easy time scheduling it as the regular heating season ends, since technicians will have more open calendars.

Is It Time For a Heating System Replacement?

This is also the time of year when you should consider the long-term for your heater. If the system is old (check the manufacturer’s expected lifetime to see if the unit has exceeded it), it might be a good time to have your heating system replaced so you’ll be prepared for next season. If you experienced more repairs than normal during this winter, or if the heater simply seemed to be performing less effectively and costing more to run, you should also look into having a replacement done as spring arrives.

Advantage Airtech is here to assist you no matter the season. If you’re in need of an experienced heating service in Markham, ON as the cold weather starts to wind down, our experienced technicians are ready to help you. Call us today for repairs, maintenance, or to discuss options for new heater installation.