Here’s How a Heating Maintenance Visit Saves You Money

No matter what type of heating system you own—a boiler, a furnace, or a heat pump—annual maintenance is vital if you expect the system to live out its lifespan efficiently. The steps of a heating maintenance visit vary from system to system, but it generally involves an inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of many of the major components. So how does this save you money?

Fewer Repairs in the Heating Season

During a maintenance visit, some of the parts of your heating system will get adjustments. Any loose screws or electrical connections, for example, are tightened. The technician may clean the blower components, treat boiler water, and clean off any other dirty parts that could interfere with boiler performance. This reduces the chances that something will go wrong during the heating season, saving you money on potential repair costs and reducing the workload for the system.

Better Efficiency

When all of the parts are securely in place, adjusted properly, and cleaned, the system runs more smoothly. This means that the parts don’t have to struggle to run, reducing the amount of electricity (or gas or oil) necessary for it to operate. Energy-efficiency is one of the most important reasons to schedule maintenance each year.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

The earlier on in the season you schedule a heating maintenance visit, the more money it will save you over time. Don’t waste any money running a worn-down heating system as this heating season starts back up again. Call your local heating technician today, and ask whether an annual maintenance plan is available. This makes it easy to remember to schedule an appointment, and often includes additional benefits such as priority service and discounts on repair.

Call the heating experts at Advantage Airtech to schedule an appointment in Toronto, ON and start preparing for the colder months today!