Hot Water Tank – Why Rent?

Is your refrigerator, dish washer or oven rented? Probably not. Why, then, would you choose to rent your water heater? We depend on the water heaters in our homes for a number of important functions. Every time you take a hot shower, run your dishwasher or do the laundry you are depending on the successful operation of the water heater in your home. Doesn’t it make sense to invest in a water heater that is a perfect fit for your home, rather than to continue paying for the rental of one? Contact Advantage Airtech today for more information about why you should invest in a Pickering, ON hot water tank installation.

There are a few different reasons that many homeowners continue to choose rental water heaters over simply investing in a quality appliance that will last them for years to come. Many of these reasons are rooted in misconception, though. A lot of people have the false idea that water heaters are very expensive to purchase. With a little research and some shopping around, though, it becomes obvious that a quality water heater actually costs less than what many homeowners spend on their televisions. Considering the important role that a water heater plays in your daily routine, it is certainly worth the initial investment.

Another reason that some people may choose to rent their water heaters is because they are lured in by included service. When you rent an apartment, necessary repairs are covered by the landlord, right? Well, it is generally true that rented water heaters include service costs, but breaking down these costs usually reveals that it is still more economical to invest in your own water heater. After all, even with the included services, monthly water heater rental fees generally add up to more than you’d pay over time for annual maintenance services on a water heater you outright purchase.

To further discuss the pros and cons of investing in a new Pickering, ON hot water tank installation, contact Advantage Airtech. We have the answers you need to determine if you should cease renting the water heater in your home. Call now to learn more.