How Does Pickering, ON In-Floor Heating Work?

Are you looking for an energy efficient and highly effective way to heat your home? Pickering, ON in-floor heating is a great solution for a new home build, or even for retrofitting into your existing home. Radiant heating is not a new technology, and has been around for a long time, but it’s currently enjoying something of a renaissance among homeowners. There are numerous benefits, from energy savings to avoiding the indoor air quality issues and noise associated with forced-air distribution systems. The most important consideration, however, is ensuring that your radiant floor heating system is installed by a trained professional. Call Advantage Airtech Heating & Air Conditioning today for quality Pickering, ON in-floor heating services, from installation, repair, and maintenance.

Many homeowners interested in radiant floor heating still don’t know quite how it works. Radiant systems are often custom solutions, specifically tailored to the layout and structural materials of your home, but here are some basic considerations to keep in mind.

  • Types. There are basically two viable ways to install an in-floor heating system: electricity or hot water. The latter are often more popular because they are considerably less expensive than electric models. Because the hydronic method is by far the more popular of the two, we’ll focus on that one in particular.
  • Hydronic. A hydronic in-floor heating system uses hot water circulating in PEX piping underneath the floors to create warm surfaces in your home. This is connected to a boiler that supplies the heated water. PEX is an incredibly durable, corrosion-resistant plastic piping that has become a highly prized material for its blend of strength and flexibility. The area that needs to be heated will require excavation, insulation, any additional support materials, the PEX tubing, and then the surface of the floor itself. It can be used with concrete, wood, or even ceramic tile.
  • Benefits. Unlike hot air, radiant heat does not rise, but rather works by warming the surfaces of your home. Because thermal energy tends towards cooler temperatures, having warm floors makes a huge difference during the cold winter.

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