Regular maintenance is a standard and essential part of caring for your home comfort system. Whether you have a gas furnace or an air-source heat pump keeping your home comfortable, scheduling routine maintenance from a heating and cooling specialist is an important task to ensure that the system remains energy-efficient and reliant and returns you the longest lifespan possible on your installation investment.

That last point is particularly important when it comes geothermal systems. Installing a geothermal heat pump for a home is a significant undertaking and investment, but can they reward their homes with decades of quality heating and cooling, lasting many years longer than other comfort systems. But without regular maintenance, they won’t give that great return on investment.

Advantage Airtech offers geothermal system maintenance in Pickering, ON and the surrounding areas. We strongly recommend that you schedule maintenance once a year for your system, the same way you would for any heater or air conditioner. Geothermal systems have relatively simple inspections and tune-up jobs, but it is crucial for technicians to discover any possible problems with the components and operations as soon as they can so they can prevent larger issues and more expensive issues. Should trouble develop with the underground coils (which is rare but can happen) you will be very thankful that the maintenance specialists caught the problem in its early stages.

The inside heat pump elements of the geothermal system require the same kind of maintenance that other heat pumps do, and will need replacement parts and repairs sooner than the underground coils.

During maintenance, the technicians will:

  • look over the coil of the pump,
  • lubricate the motors,
  • change the air filter,
  • and check on the electrical systems

These are the standard maintenance steps necessary to see that this section of the geothermal heat pump does not wear down rapidly.

If you have an open-loop configuration for your heat pump (i.e. it runs water from the municipal supply through the loops) it will occasionally need an acid flush during maintenance to clear out mineral build-up. Technicians will be able to tell if it is time for this service during the annual visit.

We offer excellent geothermal system maintenance in Pickering, ON and throughout the greater Toronto area.

At Advantage Airtech, we want you to receive many decades of service from your geothermal heating and cooling system so you end up with immense energy savings.

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