How to Get Optimal Heating This Winter

Heating in Toronto is no laughing matter. We need it to survive here in the Great White North; a good heater keeps our homes cozy and comfortable no matter how cold it may get outside. Most Toronto residents are used to the reality of having to pay a high heating bill every winter in exchange for a warm house. It doesn’t have to be that way. By exercising a few common-sense precautions, you can reduce your monthly heating bills without skimping on your family’s comfort and safety.

Here’s how to get optimal heating this winter.

It starts with the home itself. Good insulation will help retain the heat generated by your furnace, as will sealing any cracks or openings around the edges of your windows and doors. Seal those openings promptly and look into the possibility of adding more insulation to your attic if you can.

Then there’s your furnace. In the long run, replacing an older and/or ineffective furnace with a new one can make a huge difference in your monthly heating bills. If your existing furnace is running just fine, schedule regular maintenance sessions to keep it that way. A maintenance session isn’t strictly a repair service: instead, it cleans dirty components, tightens loose fittings and replaces small components such as screws. This helps improve the heater’s efficiency – reducing your monthly bills – as well as reducing the risk of a major breakdown occurring later on down the line. Ideally, you should schedule a maintenance session in the early fall before the heater sees too much use.

If replacement is beyond your means financially. You might think about an upgrade to your heater to improve its effectiveness. For example, you might be able to install zone controls, which let you only heat those parts of the house that you’re using at the time. Or, if your thermostat is old, consider replacing it with a programmable one, that lets your automatically turn the heat on or off to match your work hours. Either of these will cut down on your heating bills without forcing you to give up a comfortable home.

For more advice on how to get better heating this winter and to discuss your maintenance or installation options, call Advantage Airtech today. We handle heating in Toronto and throughout the nearby area, and are standing by to help you.