How to Tell if You Need a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Today’s homes are more energy efficient than ever. This is great for you, your family, your home and your wallet, but it can be a problem for your indoor air quality. The problem is that a home that is too air-tight may not have enough ventilation. But there is a solution that provides fresh air and better energy efficiency: a heat recovery ventilator in Manchester. Heat recovery ventilators, also known as HRVs, can help you achieve better ventilation and indoor air quality while also saving energy. We’ll explain how the device works below, but as with any upgrade to your heating system, it’s important to hire professionals for installation. Since 1987, Advantage Airtech has been helping customers with heating, cooling and indoor air quality, and we have the products and trained technicians to help you with any of your HVAC needs.

What Is a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

A heat recovery ventilator is a device that exhausts the stale, warm air from your indoors and brings in the cool, fresh air from the outdoors. While the two air streams are in the HRV, the heat energy from the outgoing stale air is used to warm up the incoming cool air; this is done in the device’s heat exchanger, and the air streams do not cross. Small fans help to exhaust the stale indoor air and bring in fresh, cool air, and a filter in the system removes particles from the incoming air. The result is a constant stream of fresh, pre-treated air flowing into your HVAC system.

Do I need an HRV?

Here are some signs that you need an HRV:

  • Stuffy indoor air – when your home is too air-tight, there isn’t enough fresh air circulating; the result can be a stuffy feeling in your home.
  • Condensation on windows and surfaces – without proper ventilation, moisture can build up inside; if there is enough moisture, condensation can form on the inside of windows and on surfaces.
  • Excess dust – the average household creates 40 pounds of dust per year. This dust will circulate throughout your home and, without proper ventilation, can build to excess.

An HRV can help you have fresh, clean air in your home while helping to reduce the stress on your heating system with pre-treated incoming air.

If you’ve been struggling with the ventilation in your home, call Advantage Airtech and schedule an appointment to discuss how a heat recovery ventilator in Manchester can help you.