Is Geothermal Cooling Worth the Investment?

If you’ve investigated into the possibility of installing a geothermal heat pump for your home, you probably have a few reservations. These systems do require a significant amount of labour to install, and the upfront costs are more than those for a standard heat pump or other type of air conditioning. Is it really worth the investment to install geothermal cooling in Scarborough, ON?

The answer is: “It depends.” In many cases, a geothermal heat pump will return your investment not only in money but also in comfort and reliability that brings peace of mind. Here are some of the advantages of a geothermal heat pump that may make it worth that upfront cost. Call Advantage Airtech today to learn more and schedule an appointment to see if you are ready for geothermal cooling.

Reasons a geothermal system may be right for you:

  • Heating and cooling in one: Keep in mind that a geothermal system is a heat pump, so you are receiving both cooling and heating. This is a year-round investment in comfort. The air conditioning mode is as powerful as any AC of the same size. And the heating has some fantastic benefits…
  • Energy efficiency: The huge drawback that standard, ground-source heat pumps face is that they lose their efficiency during extreme cold temperatures, and that’s obviously a problem during the winter in a place like Scarborough. But a geothermal system uses the heat of the earth for its exchange medium, and the earth’s temperature remains steady at around 13°C, no matter the above ground temperature. Geothermal heat pumps won’t struggle to bring you heat in the winter, and this means energy savings: studies have shown a geothermal pump works 3–4 times for efficiently than a standard heat pump.
  • Longevity: Few home comfort systems last as long as a geothermal heat pump. The indoor heat pump element can last over 20 years, while the in-ground loops can often last more than half a century! Think how much more time you have to save money from the heat pump’s efficiency with that many years ahead of it.

Find out if a ground-source heat pump will deliver for you

Geothermal systems will not work for every property, since they require a certain amount of ground space. Call Advantage Airtech today and one of our geothermal specialists will come to your home to survey it to see if it is ready for installation of a geothermal heat pump. There are a number of variant ways of configuring the loops in the earth that gives the systems more flexibility than you might imagine.

For your geothermal cooling in Scarborough, ON (and your heating) call on us—we’ll help you find decades of comfort and energy savings.