Is It Time to Replace Your AC?

Are you ready to upgrade your air conditioning system? If you’ve struggled a great deal with a system that does little to improve your home comfort, the answer is likely a yes. However, for some homeowners, it’s not so clear. If the system has not yet broken down, it’s tough to decide whether a costly repair is worth it or if replacement is a better choice. Allow us to help you work through this issue.

Step 1: Look for the signs

While it’s tough to decide on your own if replacement is a better option, these signs may be a good indication.

  • Frequent Repairs – If you have to make repairs for your system more than once in a year , there could be a problem with your air conditioner that cannot be resolved. If multiple parts of your unit start to fail, the system may be too worn down to go on. Even if you’ve only had the system a few years, frequent repairs might point to a sizing issue, which means the AC could easily fail before its expected lifespan.
  • High Cost of Repairs – Even if you rarely make repairs, one costly AC repair bill could indicate that replacement is a better choice. If the cost of a repair is half the cost of a new unit, you might be better off with a more reliable replacement.
  • Old Age – Check with your manufacturer for a more precise number, but most air conditioners won’t run properly after 10 – 15 years, and you’ll be more comfortable with a newer one.
  • Inefficiency – Today’s air conditioners have the highest efficiency ratings ever. A new air conditioner can save you hundreds each year, so consider replacement if you seem to throw away money on your old unit.

Step 2: Find the right technician

If you are unsure of how much life your AC has left in it, you will want to find a trustworthy technician to give you an honest opinion. A good technician will only recommend replacement if it is the only option or the most cost effective solution. Check reviews online to find out if you’ve chosen a dependable contractor.

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