Is My Old AC Ready to Be Replaced?

If you need to replace an aging air conditioner, right now during the waning days of spring is the best time to schedule the work. But perhaps you aren’t certain yet if your old AC is ready for retirement. Maybe you can squeeze another year of service from it with a few repairs. If you find yourself debating whether you should “repair or replace,” we have some tips that may help tilt you to one side or the other.

However, don’t take our advice on its own: call us at Advantage Airtech for a professional opinion on the state of your current AC.

We can offer you our many years of knowledge to help you make the best choice. We’re also here to handle your new air conditioning installation in Markham, ON if that’s the direction you decide to go.

Signs you should retire your old air conditioner

  • Continually noisy operation: One of the major indicators that an air conditioner is approaching the end of its service life is when it generates a large amount of noise while it runs. A single odd sound can point to a specific repair the system may need; but a barrage of groaning, grinding, and clanging sounds usually warns that the air conditioner has worn down to the point that any amount of repairs will stop it from a complete breakdown in the near future.
  • Rising utility bills: Gradual wear and tear on the components in an AC will make it strain in order to perform its regular job. Although you may still receive an adequate amount of cooling from the system, it will begin to cost more to run. If your electrical bills during cooling season have risen over the last two years, even with repairs and regular maintenance, it is likely that your air conditioning system has passed the point of no return where it will be less expensive to replace it than to endure continually high utility bills.
  • Excessive repair needs: Air conditioners require the most repair work during their last two years of service. When bills for repair services begin to stack up, you need to take a closer look at how much you are paying each year to keep the air conditioner up and running. If repairs cost you $500 or more per year, than you’re paying too much and need to arrange for a replacement.
  • Cooling power has dropped: A number of basic malfunctions can cause an air conditioner to lose its power to keep a house comfortable. But if cooling power in an old AC—one at or past its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan—starts to weaken, it’s a good indication that you should retire it before it retires itself with a breakdown.

Installing a new cooling system involves a great deal of work, but professionals can take care of most of the hassles for you and ensure that you have an air conditioner that works the way it should. Call Advantage Airtech today to start with new air conditioning installation in Markham, ON. Since 1987, we’ve kept the Greater Toronto Area comfortable in summer and winter through our quality services.