Is Your Heater Ready for the End of Warm Weather?

We hate to say it, but the warmer weather will soon come to an end. Your air conditioner has done a lot of hard work for you this summer, and it’s about to get a break. But this means that in only a short time, you’ll need your heater to be in top shape to handle the cold. Is your heating system ready?

Why Your Heater Needs Professional Attention before It Gets Cold

It’s not cold yet, so why should you pay any attention to your heating system? Well, after the excessive use it undoubtedly received last winter, followed by several months without any use whatsoever, your heater could be in desperate need of some professional care.

Whether you have a furnace or a boiler keeping you warm, the parts are delicate, and any change in your heating system could have an effect on performance. To be specific, any dirt in the system, a bent fan blade, incorrect pressure levels or temperature settings, or even a loose screw could all overwork the system and have an effect on how efficiently your heater will work.

Faulty heating components may also run up your energy bills, which are high enough as it is. In fact, in some cases, trouble within the portions of the system where combustion takes place could even prove to be dangerous. Professional heating maintenance, performed early enough, can prevent all of these issues.

What Is Involved with Professional Heating Maintenance

Professional heating maintenance service usually includes several comprehensive steps, and individual companies have a checklist of the specific tasks to be completed with any particular type of heater. For the most part, these steps fall under three general categories: inspection, adjustment, and cleaning. Parts such as the blower fan are cleaned to improve air quality and efficiency, small adjustments to temperature or other settings may be done, and an inspection will reveal to your technician whether you should schedule any additional repairs before the season begins.

Call Advantage Airtech today for a complete look at every part of your heater in Toronto, ON, so you won’t have to worry about the performance of your system in the fall.