Is Your Thermocouple Causing Problems?

Heating maintenance in Toronto can encompass any number of issues and problems, ranging from the burners to the heat exchange. The thermocouple is designed for safety purposes: attached to the ignition system and regulating the flow of gas into the furnace. And like everything else, it runs into trouble from time to time. The good news is that you will probably know about it when it does. The bad news is that your furnace won’t operate until it’s fixed. That means heating system repair could be in order.

We have proudly provided heating maintenance in Toronto for over 25 years, and we offer 24-hour emergency assistance for those moments of life that don’t arrive at the ideal time.

Could your thermocouple be causing problems for your furnace? Here’s a little handy info to help with that question.

The thermocouple bases its function on two wires of different metals joined at either end. The connections between those metals create a voltage. The junction between them can be touched by the pilot light, or the electrical igniter in the case of more modern ignition systems. The voltage generated generates an electromagnet, which in turn controls the valve releasing the gas into the system. If the pilot light or ignition system doesn’t turn on, the thermocouple won’t engage this process and the gas won’t flow.

Again, that is actually good news, at least in terms of malfunctions. If any of those elements don’t work the way they should, if anything interferes with the system, then the valve remains closed and the gas won’t come on. Gas is dangerous, and regardless of the issue with the thermocouple, your house won’t be flooded with toxic flammable billows of it. However, that does make the thermocouple one of the most important parts of your furnace, and while it can probably sit for a few days in the summer, you can’t afford to waste a single minute in the winter.

That why, when your thermocouple is causing problems, the experts at Advantage Airtech are here to help. Give us a call today to make an appointment, and let us fix or replace that faulty thermocouple with courtesy and care!