It’s Hot Outside! Why Is the Air Conditioner Frozen?

In our area, it’s not strange to see pipes and other components of your home freezing—but not in the summer! When your air conditioner freezes, you should treated it as an air conditioning emergency. A frozen coil is not a normal occurrence, and it won’t help cool down your home any faster. A frozen AC will only struggle to keep you cool, and the parts may suffer a lot of damage.

The Evaporator Coil: How It’s Supposed to Work

The evaporator coil is where refrigerant evaporates (turns to a gas) during its regular cycle. As it does so, it can absorb heat from the air in your home as a blower moves air over the coil. This heat dissipates when refrigerant moves outdoors and condenses back to liquid form.

Moisture also collects on the coil as the warm, humid air blows past it. After condensation gathers on the coil, it should drip down into a drainage system. But if something is wrong with the air conditioner, the water may freeze instead.

Possible Sources of Freezing

You’ll need a professional to repair your air conditioner if you notice the coil freezing. Here are some of the ways this can happen.

  • Broken blower fan or motor – A broken blower motor or an issue with one of the fan blades prevents the proper amount of airflow from moving into the air conditioner. The air conditioner is designed for a certain amount of air pressure, and the coil can freeze without enough warm air going past the coil.
  • Low refrigerant – There must also be a precise level of refrigerant in order to regulate the coil and prevent freezing. Your technician will likely have to seal leaks in the system.
  • Dirty filter – Your filter can become clogged a lot faster than you may think. Change your filter each month so that enough airflow can always enter your air conditioner.

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