It’s time to Schedule Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

Have you scheduled an air conditioning maintenance visit yet? The weather is finally getting warmer, and AC maintenance can be a major lift to your home comfort in the spring and summer. This professional service involves cleaning off many of the major components and making a few key adjustments. If you want to stay cool on the hottest of days without draining your budget, call a professional technician and ask how you can benefit from routine maintenance.

Improves Efficiency

Your air conditioning system is likely to run more efficiently after a tune-up, and many people notice the energy savings right away. That’s because the parts of your air conditioner have worn down over the last year (or over the last several years if you haven’t had a visit from a technician in a while). Adjusting some of these parts can help all of the components of your air conditioner to run smoothly.

Extends Its Lifespan

When all of the parts are in the best condition possible, the unit can operate well for longer. You may be able to run your air conditioner for an extra year depending on how well you maintain it. Keeping the coils clean and making adjustments allows for the parts to wear down a lot slower, and you can expect to keep your air conditioner around for many years to come.

Reduces Repairs

Another reason to schedule maintenance is that it may prevent the need for repairs. When you schedule maintenance each year, you can expect to make few repairs for the life of the system. This is because all of the parts run smoothly, keeping components from becoming overworked. You’ll feel more comfortable and have a lot fewer unexpected expenses. And if your technician does find that a part needs repair during a maintenance visit, you can schedule it on your own time so that it’s not an inconvenience.

Call the AC technicians at Advantage Airtech today to schedule your next air conditioning maintenance visit in the Toronto area.