Newcastle, ON Furnace Tip: How to Tell If You Need To Replace Your Furnace

While sometimes you may just need furnace repairs, it could also be time for you to replace the furnace in your Newcastle, ON home. At Advantage Airtech, we wanted to help our customers know the difference with a short list of some of the signs of furnace replacement.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

If your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger it could be a potentially dangerous situation. Your heat exchanger’s job is to heat the air in your home and also to exhaust the combustion fumes that result from burning gas. If your heat exchanger has a crack those gases, which include carbon monoxide, could be leaking into your home.

Identifying a cracked heat exchanger is very difficult. If your furnace is making a rattling sound it could indicate that your heat exchanger is cracked. Also, if the flames on your burner are yellow or if they are wiggling it could also mean that you have this problem. If your heat exchanger is cracked, it almost certainly means you need furnace replacement. Call us immediately if you think you are having this problem.

Age of Your Furnace

If you’ve started to need furnace repairs more often, it might make more financial sense to just replace your furnace. There are huge benefits to replacing your old furnace with a new one. Not only will you likely start to enjoy more comfortable heat but you’ll also potentially reduce the amount of energy that you use to heat your home.

If you need furnace repairs in Newcastle, ON or if you need to replace you furnace, call Advantage Airtech.