Plan for Air Conditioning Repair Services Now

The spring weather in Pickering is still cool, but you only need to flip over the calendar two pages to find the official start of summer. Your sleeping air conditioner will soon need to wake up to keep you cool for the warm season. It’s time to take care of any repairs your AC needs, during a time when you don’t need to have the cooling system on. Don’t wait until the heat arrives to find out you have a major malfunction in the air conditioning that will impair its performance and possibly lead to a breakdown.

For dependable and knowledgeable air conditioning repair in Pickering, ON, make Advantage Airtech your choice. We’ve served the Greater Toronto Area since 1987 with quality AC services.

Find out now if you need AC repairs

Have you turned on your air conditioner yet this year? If you haven’t, you should pick a time during a warmer day and run the system for around an hour or so. Pay attention to the air conditioner’s performance to pick up on any malfunctions or unusual behavior. Some specific signs to watch for: odd noises from the cabinet, like clicking or grinding; acrid smells from the vents; uneven cooling and warm spots; low airflow from the vents; and hard starting (the system struggling to turn on, then turning off again soon after). If you experience any of these problems, call for professional repairs right away.

Schedule regular maintenance

What if you run the air conditioner and notice nothing wrong with it? You still need to have professionals look over the system to find out if there are any repair needs that are less obvious. This is part of regular maintenance, which you need to schedule every year, and spring is the best time to have it done.

Aside from locating repair issues, maintenance will also improve your AC’s performance and keep it energy-efficient. The cleanings and adjustments the professional technician performs during the maintenance visit will reduce stress and slow down aging on the system. With maintenance kept up each year, your air conditioning system should last for many years with very few repair needs.

We have to emphasize that repairs and maintenance must come from professionals. Don’t try to troubleshoot malfunctions on your own, or try to clean and tune-up the system without professional training. Call HVAC experts, like those at Advantage Airtech. We handle all types of air conditioning repair in Pickering, ON and can deliver the regular maintenance necessary for it to work its best.