Qualities of Modern Thermostats

A thermostat performs a basic function: it turns an air conditioning system or a heater on and off. Essentially, a thermostat is a switch. It turns on an HVAC system until it detects a set temperature, and then it shuts the HVAC system off again.

However, this simplicity is deceptive, because modern thermostats can be packed with features that permit you a level of precision control over your home comfort that was a dream only two decades ago, when most homes still used manual thermostats. Here are some of the superior qualities of modern thermostats that help homeowners save energy and enjoy fantastic comfort year round.

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Some qualities of modern thermostats

  • The heat anticipator: This is a helpful component in a thermostat that assists the appliance with reaching precision temperatures. The anticipator shuts off a heater before the temperature inside the thermostat reaches the set level; the reason it does this is because the other parts of the house will warm up faster than the interior of the thermostat, and shutting off a bit early keeps the heat from rising above the desired level.
  • Programmable: The most important development in thermostats when they reached the digital age was the creation of programmable models. Simple programmable thermostats have two setting groups: an “on” and “off” for the day, and an “on” and “off” for the night. This permits control over the temperatures when no one is in the house or when everyone is asleep. Newer models contain even more programming options and even “smart” systems that learn from homeowners’ heating and cooling patterns to anticipate the best way to condition a home.
  • Wireless: The breakthroughs in wireless technology that have overtaken the world also spread to thermostats. Wireless thermostats are a new advance that have become popular in a brief time. Since the units no longer need to be connected to the HVAC system physically, they have greater freedom of placement throughout a home. The addition of remote controls allows homeowners to set the temperature from anywhere in a room without needing to wander over to squint at a small control read-out. Wireless systems are unmatched (so far) in their precision control over temperature settings.

You need thermostat professionals

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