Scarborough, ON Heating: How Ductless Mini Split Heating Systems Work

If you’re looking for a new comprehensive heating and cooling system, one that offers high energy efficiency and excellent performance, then you may like to consider a ductless mini split heating system. The name sounds a bit complicated, however, and while these types of systems have long been used throughout the world and in the commercial industry, they have only recently become a residential standard. They may not be right for all homes and situations, however, so it’s critical that in addition to selecting high quality equipment you also remember to hire an excellent AC contractor. Only with professional installation can your new AC perform to the best of its ability. For ductless and other Scarborough, ON heating systems, call the experts at Advantage Airtech today!

The ductless mini split is so-called because it doesn’t use ductwork to circulate cool air throughout your home and the indoor air handlers are compact relative to conventional central air (hence the “mini”). But it is a “split” system, nonetheless, which means that like central air, there is an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and an indoor air handler/evaporator unit. Also, like central air, ductless mini split heating and cooling systems operate by heat removal and transfer. They use the refrigerant cycle to remove the warm air from your home in the summer and send warm air into your home in the winter.

The ductless heating system is essentially a heat pump. In heating mode, the outdoor units draws in thermal energy from the ambient outdoors temperature and the circulating refrigerant absorbs this energy, moving it indoors where it heats the cool air that has been extracted from your home. The key distinction is that it does not use ductwork to extract and distribute air. The indoor unit is a sleek, compact unit that hangs from the ceiling, or sits high on a wall. All of the air handler/evaporator components are housed within these indoor units, and you can thus divide your home into multiple zones of heating and cooling.

A ductless mini split heating system is a great way to improve efficiency and performance, and thus boost your home comfort. Call Advantage Airtech today for comprehensive Scarborough, ON heating solutions.