Some Simple Ways to Save Energy This Summer

What if we told you it’s possible to spend less money on your bills this summer without sacrificing any of the convenience you enjoy?

Energy saving tips

Most of our household bills come from just a couple places in the summer, and it doesn’t take a lot of work to slash those bills to pieces.

Follow these tips and keep more money for summer patios, road trips with the family and maybe some fireworks to celebrate the long weekends.

These tips can knock $100 off your bills next month if you take them seriously.

Do you need scalding hot water for showers in the summer?

Your water heater is the 2nd largest home comfort expense, after climate control (AC in the summer, furnace in the winter).

But do you really need scalding hot water at the ready right now?

Cool showers are better in the summer.

The cool wash setting on your washing machine is far more efficient than the hot wash (and cold water laundry detergent gets clothes just as clean).

The dishes need hot water. But really that’s all you need the really hot stuff for all summer.

Turn your water heater thermostat way down. Even as far as the vacation setting, to cut your water heating expenses in half.

Let your laundry air dry.

Energy saving summer tips
Let the sun and summer breeze do the job!

Cut out the heat-producing, expensive dryer and hang your laundry under the sun to dry out.

Your dryer takes about 45 minutes to get the laundry dry, heats up the house in the process and costs you about $1 in energy use (and likely about $2 in air conditioning energy expense to counter the heat generated).
Hanging outside, your laundry dries out in about 2 hours and avoids the expenses of the dryer.

Plus, you get a little sun and fresh air.

Invest in a SMART thermostat.

You can create precise, targeted cooling schedules with your SMART thermostat.

  • Your air conditioner can automatically shut off when everybody in the house leaves for school and work.
  • It can turn back on 15 minutes before anybody gets home.
  • It can turn off in the evening when the sun goes down and you want to open the windows.

You can also change the schedule from your smartphone. So if nobody will be home until late, the system won’t cycle on at its regular interval.

According to ENERGY STAR, a SMART thermostat can save you about $240 (CAD) per year.

Get rid of your antique light bulbs.

Summer energy saving tips
Invest a few dollars into LED bulbs.

The time of the incandescent light bulb is over. The time of the LED is here!

LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than any other type of light bulb on the market – about 25 times longer.

Replacing 20 bulbs can save you about $70 per year, and you won’t have to replace them again for a long, long time.

More outside stuff. Cook on the BBQ.

Cooking inside makes it hot and when it gets hot, you crank up the air conditioner.

Cooking outside gets you that vitamin D, keeps the house cool and makes meal prep a more social family experience.

You don’t get to cook under the sun all year long, so take advantage of the good weather while you can.

If you want to save even more, consider ditching your water tank rental company and purchasing your own.

You can call us any time to talk about your interest in buying a new water tank or reservations about it. We never pressure customers to buy anything.