Stay Healthy this Season with Our Indoor Air Quality Tips

One of the most important aspects of your family’s health has to do with the air quality. Governments regulate the gases and byproducts that individuals and companies release into the air in order to ensure that the air quality outside is as healthy as possible for the earth and for the people. But would you guess that the indoor air quality tends to be much worse? You spend most of your time indoors, so keep your family members healthier with these three systems.

Install a Humidifier

Lack of humidity is a major problem in cooler weather, and it doesn’t get any better as you run your heating system. Low humidity dries out your sinuses, which can in turn make it easier for illness to spread and harder for your body to recover from an illness. Install a whole-home humidifier to improve the way you feel and to recover faster if you fall ill this cold and flu season.

Consider Ventilation

Opening a window isn’t an option when your heating system is working overtime to keep you warm. But there is a way to add some ventilation to the home without a major hike to your energy bills. A heat recovery ventilator lets in some fresh air, but it uses a heat exchanger to transfer heat to the incoming air stream before it is introduced into your HVAC system. However, you should keep in mind that efficiency will drop as the weather continues to get colder. Ask a technician about how to make good use of your heat recovery ventilator throughout the year.

Install an Indoor Air Quality System

If you live in a cold climate, you most likely spend over 90% of your time indoors. Make the best of the air you breathe by installing an indoor air quality system that can eliminate way more particles than the standard home’s air filter. An electronic air purifier can remove the tiny particles your air filter misses, while UV lights kill and sterilize bacteria and viruses.

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