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What Happens During Furnace Installation?

If you are planning to have a furnace installed, you’ve already made an excellent choice for making it through the winter in comfort. Contemporary furnaces are much more fuel-efficient than older models, and provide even and effective heating for many years. However, for your furnace to work correctly—and safely—you must have it professionally installed. A furnace installed by amateurs will, on average, perform 30% less efficiently that one that received an installation from trained technicians. For gas-powered furnaces, a shoddy installation can lead to dangers from carbon monoxide leaking.

Which Type of Furnace Is Right for My Home?

Furnaces are one of the most common types of heaters found in modern houses. They’ve been around since the beginning of home heating systems, burning coal and wood. Today’s models use advanced technology and different fuels to bring effective heating to your home during a chilly Toronto winter. The downside of having all these different types of furnaces available is it becomes difficult to make the choice of which one will do the best job for your home without putting unnecessary pressure on your energy bills.