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How to Tell Your Heating System Needs Service

You don’t want to wait in the cold for a technician to show up to your home to fix a broken heating system. Make the call for heating service early so that you’re not rushing into an avoidable emergency repair. So how can you tell that your heating system may be in need of service?

Common Causes of a Rattling Furnace

Furnaces were once one of the noisiest methods to heat a home: the sound of a furnace coming on was like a roaring dragon in a basement. But those days are far in the past, and modern furnaces operate mostly unobtrusively, a slight background sound for everyday life. Until, that is, something starts to go wrong. Unusual furnace noises are early warning signs of repair needs.

Common Heating Repairs Caused by Lack of Maintenance

The heating and cooling systems installed in your home need proper care to ensure a long lifespan of effective service. You should get two maintenance checks done a year: a spring visit for your AC and a fall visit for your heater. Because we’re coming up on the colder months in Toronto, heating repair is an important issue. We’re going to zero in on some of the common heating repairs we see during the winter that customers could have avoided with regular maintenance.