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Qualities of Modern Thermostats

A thermostat performs a basic function: it turns an air conditioning system or a heater on and off. Essentially, a thermostat is a switch. It turns on an HVAC system until it detects a set temperature, and then it shuts the HVAC system off again.

Portable Air Conditioners: A Tip From Port Perry

If you’re in the market for an air conditioner in Port Perry, you’re probably familiar with central and window air conditioning units. But did you know there was another option? While they’re not perfect for every situation, portable air conditioners can provide reliable, even cooling for many homes.

Air Conditioners and Humidity: A Tip From Blackstock

Ever wonder why all of those air conditioners hanging out of people’s windows are constantly dripping water on hot summer days in Blackstock? All they’re actually doing is disposing of the moisture they’ve removed from the indoor air. That’s right – air conditioners are dehumidifiers too.