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3 Ways You’re Throwing Away Money on Heating Costs

Around this time of the year, you cannot go a day without using your heating system in our neck of the woods. And all of this continuous use really takes its toll on your monthly budget. Is there a way to lower monthly energy and fuel costs without turning down the temperature to a setting that is downright uncomfortable? Definitely—if you’re willing to work with quality technicians to get your system into shape. Here are 3 ways you may be spending far too much on your monthly bills, and what you can do to solve the problem.

Here’s How a Heating Maintenance Visit Saves You Money

No matter what type of heating system you own—a boiler, a furnace, or a heat pump—annual maintenance is vital if you expect the system to live out its lifespan efficiently. The steps of a heating maintenance visit vary from system to system, but it generally involves an inspection, cleaning, and adjustment of many of the major components.