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Replacing an Old Gas Furnace: What Are My Options?

One of the most important decisions you can make for your home comfort if you live in a cold climate is which type of heating system to install. Today, heating systems are more efficient than ever before, saving homeowners a lot of money over the years and making for a high return on investment.

Tips to Help Increase Energy Efficiency During Winter

We are in the heart of winter here in Whitby, and by now you’ve probably paid a few heating bills. If you’ve been wondering how you can lower your bills without making a big purchase or major adjustments, our Advantage Airtech professionals have some tips for better, more efficient heating in Whitby this winter:

3 Benefits To A Zone Control System

Today’s air conditioners are very energy efficient – but what if we told you there was a tool available to make your AC even more energy efficient than it already is? This tool is known as a zone control system, and not only can you achieve greater…

Why Old Water Heaters Wear Out

Water heaters, much like boilers, can survive for many years without encountering anything worse than an occasional repair need. If you make sure that your water heater receives annual maintenance to keep it in good shape, there’s no reason it shouldn’t survive for 20 years or more supplying you with a constant flow of hot water.

Which Is Better: Gas or Wood Burning Fireplaces?

Fireplaces are the oldest form of home heating, but they have stayed around into the modern era because they are great additions to your lifestyle during the winter. A good fireplace in your home will soon become the center of activity for your whole family. Today, wood-burning fireplaces have competition from gas-burning models that have faux-log inserts.

Common Causes of Boiler Leaks

When we advise our customers about their options for quality heating during the winter, we always emphasize one of the major advantages of installing a boiler: few repair needs. Unlike furnaces and heat pumps, boilers contain few moving parts, so they rarely fall prey to mechanical failures. However, boilers can still experience operating troubles, such as frozen pipes during heavy cold. The most common repair need that boilers experience is leaking.