The Steps of a Furnace Tune Up

When your furnace was brand new, it was at peak efficiency, heating your home as quickly as possible and using little energy to do so. Over time, however, the parts begin to wear down and you may notice less than satisfactory heating or higher energy bills. Luckily, there is a service you can schedule that may reduce your heating bills and make your system run nearly as well as when you first bought it.

Calling a professional for a furnace tune up can restore a lot of the efficiency that your system loses over the course of a year. When you schedule a heating tune up every year, you may start to notice your home heats up faster and you’ll even see lowered utilities. When you schedule a heating tune up in Scarborough with Advantage Airtech, a technician will thoroughly inspect and clean your system and may make a few adjustments. We’ve detailed these steps below.

  • Inspection: First, a technician will carefully inspect your unit, testing the furnace for proper operation and ensuring there are no problems that need repair. Some minor adjustments can be made during maintenance, but others may need to be scheduled later on. However, catching problems early on means they won’t worsen as time goes on. And with a gas furnace, you may be at risk for a hazardous gas leak, which is why it’s especially important to have a professional check your system from time to time.
  • Cleaning: The technician will also clean any dusty components. Dust and dirt on parts of your system mean that it’s not running in optimal shape. Furthermore, debris may get in the way of the fan motor, but a maintenance technician can remove this debris and let you know if you need to replace your filter more often to prevent the problem in the future.
  • Adjustment: Finally, if there are any loose components or minor repairs needed, the technician may be able to adjust these on the spot.

It’s never too late in the heating season to get furnace maintenance. When you decide that it’s time to schedule a heating tune up in Scarborough, call Advantage Airtech today!