Toronto, ON – How Does a Heat Exchanger Work?

Whether you heat your home with a furnace, a heat pump or a geothermal system, the heat exchanger within that heating system is an integral part of the process. There are a lot of different components in your home heating system that affect its performance. Your heat exchanger, though, is one of the most important. The successful and safe operation of your heating system in Toronto, ON depends on this one, deceptively simple component. Considering how important a heat exchanger is to your comfort, we thought we’d give you an idea of how it works. For more information about the operation of your heat exchanger, call the Toronto, ON heating experts at Advantage Airtech.

There are a few different types of heat exchangers. In HVAC applications, though, a heat exchanger is simply used to effectively and efficiently transfer heat to the surrounding air. In home heating systems a heat exchanger transfers the heat from the combustion process to the air surrounding it. The blower in the furnace then blows this heated air into your forced air distribution system, allowing it to heat your home. In an air conditioner, a heat exchanger is also used in the cooling process. Heat is extracted from the air and vented off, leaving cool, comfortable air behind.

In a combustion based heating system a damaged heat exchanger can be a serious problem, both for your safety and your budget. Carbon monoxide is produced during the combustion process, and a cracked heat exchanger can allow this poisonous gas, which also has no color, odor or taste, into your home. Oftentimes if your heat exchanger is cracked or damaged a system replacement is advisable, due to the difficulty and cost of repairing the heat exchanger or replacing that one component. If you have any further questions about the operation of the heat exchanger in your home comfort systems, give us a call. The more you know about your heating and air conditioning systems the more likely you are to operate them properly.

If your heating or air conditioning system has a problem with its heat exchanger you need to contact a professional right away. Call Advantage Airtech for more information. We can help you better understand the operation of a heat exchanger in Toronto, ON.