Two Things That Can Help You Get a Great Heating Installation

In a Canadian city like Toronto, heating installation means more than just bolting down a new furnace. Our winters are nothing to sneeze at, and the more thoroughly and professionally a new heater can be installed, the more effectively it will keep your home warm when the temperatures drop below freezing. You can help that process by planning carefully and understanding the factors involved. Here are two things that can help you get a great heating installation.

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In the first place, you need to know your needs. Heaters and furnaces need to be carefully sized in order to function the way they should. If they’re too small, they won’t be able to heat the whole area efficiently. If they’re too large, they will cycle on and off rapidly throughout the day: increasing energy use and creating excessive wear and tear on the system. A trained technician should be able to perform a thorough analysis of your home, taking into account square footage, insulation, sunlight levels and similar factors before determining the best sized heater for your unit. You should also consider additional needs such as zone control, or whether to use a gas or an electrical furnace.

Second and just as importantly, you need to be able to trust the company doing the heating installation. They should be able to provide an estimate before starting work, as well as a reasonable schedule for completing the process. They should treat your home with courtesy and consideration, and let you know the steps in the process so you know what to expect. They will use quality parts and double check their work to ensure that it’s up to snuff. Above all, they will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the installation before completing it, so that you can use your new heater with confidence and assurance.

At Advantage AirTech we pride ourselves on strict adherence to the highest possible quality. Our service area covers the whole of Toronto; heating installation and maintenance calls are areas of particular focus, and we want to help you get a great heating installation to reduce your worries during the cold winters.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation; we can explain your options to you and help find the heater that’s right for your situation.