Uxbridge Heating Guide: Hydronic Heating vs. Forced Air Heating

At Advantage Airtech Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that there is not any one heating system that is inherently superior to any other. All home heating systems have pros and cons specific to themselves. When it comes to choosing a new heating system for your Uxbridge home, though there is certainly an option that is best for you, your home and your personal heating habits. Let Advantage Airtech Heating & Air Conditioning help you find the heating system most appropriate for you situation. Here are some highlights and drawbacks of two popular home heating methods: hydronic and forced air heating systems.

Forced air heating systems are extremely popular, and for good reason. With a proper installation, maintenance and repair services a forced air heating system using a furnace can be extremely efficient and effective, providing your home with even, comfortable heating. Many forced air systems suffer some heating inefficiency, though, and the cause of this inefficiency is often traced back to the air ducts. A forced air system depends on ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. If these air ducts are torn, damaged, improperly installed or otherwise compromised then you may wind paying more than you should due to energy loss.

A hydronic heating system does not suffer this sort of energy loss. Hydronic systems circulated heated liquid via a piping system throughout your home. This type of system depends on radiant heat, in which objects are directly heated by the pipes containing the heating fluid. This heat is then transferred radiantly to people and objects in the room. Whether your hydronic heating system operates this way or with baseboards and radiators, though, the installation of this type of system can be problematic. It is best completed during the construction of a home or building. While it can certainly be incorporated into existing homes it can be intrusive and is best scheduled during remodeling.

For more information about hydronic, forced air or any other heating system just call Advantage Airtech. We are always happy to share our expertise with consumers in the Uxbridge area. Let us know what we can do for you to make your home a more comfortable place to live.