What Can Go Wrong with D-I-Y Heating Installation?

D-I-Y projects are all the rage right now, as online tutorials and forums provide many “do-it-yourselfers” with the ability to perform repairs, make something new, find a creative outlet, or assemble and install a new home fixture. While tinkering with a new recipe, building an arbor, or figuring out how to install that new DVD player may all be jobs you can do with little experience and some help from a D-I-Y guidebook or website, there’s a reason that heating and air conditioning installers go through years of training before they are considered experts: it’s simply not a job for amateurs.

You’re spending a good amount of money on your new heating system, so it’s only natural to look for ways to cut corners and save some extra cash. However, attempting a home installation can actually end up costing you far more than you save in the long run, so that it may hardly seem worth it in the end.

Any type of heating system—whether it’s a forced-air unit like a furnace or a hydronic heating system that involves the use of a boiler or hot water heater—is generally large and complex. There are many moving parts that must be secured in a particular way, and a technician with a trained eye can best ensure everything is where it should be for proper installation. When just one part of your system is a bit off, all of the other parts have to work harder to keep up which could lead to broken down parts and frequent repair.

Of course, the worst case scenario is that you’ll need heating replacement. Unfortunately, this is all too common in homes where the heating system is improperly sized or secured. Heating systems must be the right capacity for the necessary heating load in your home. Sizing involves some complicated equations, and if it is too small, your heater will not provide adequate temperatures and could break down early from the over-exhaustion. Similarly, one that is too large will run frequently, wearing down some key parts.

One of the final reasons you should always consider professional installation first is the possible risk to your health and safety. In order for a system to generate heat, it usually also produces by-products like carbon monoxide and water vapor, but an expert can ensure there are no leaks that threaten your home.

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