If you are in the process of choosing a new installation for air conditioning and you’re leaning toward a heat pump, then you’ve already made some good choices. Heat pumps offer a homeowner many wonderful benefits, the most important among them the ability to provide both heating and air conditioning. They also have greater energy-efficiency in heating mode than most furnaces.

However, there are a few things you should know about heat pumps before you decide to schedule installation. Remember that this is a big decision, one you should not make in haste, and that the assistance of a professional HVAC installer is important for making the right choice for your home, comfort needs, and budget. When you are thinking about heat pump installation in Scarborough, ON, contact the knowledgeable staff at Advantage Airtech. We will guide you along the path toward the ultimate in comfort for your home.

Here’s what you need to know before installing a heat pump

  • A heat pump may not work efficiently for you in winter without help: A heat pump combines two functions in one, but the heating and the air conditioning are not equal in efficiency. Heat pumps do not use energy as efficiently in heating mode as in cooling mode—and extreme low outdoor temperatures will make it more difficult for them to operate. You may need to install a backup system like a furnace for the cold winters. Ask expert technicians to examine your house and its heat-trapping abilities to see if a heat pump in winter will keep you adequately warm.
  • You may opt for a ductless mini split heat pump model: Installers can put in a heat pump system that does not use ductwork. These are called ductless mini split heat pumps, and they are ideal for new construction and add-on homes. If you have an older house with no ducts and little room to place them, a ductless system is a good option. If you have plans to remodel, choosing ductless will also give you more space to work with.
  • The heat pump must be properly sized: Along with determining if a heat pump can manage the cold winters, you need to find out how large a heat pump you will need to keep your home at the right comfort level all year round without wasting energy. This is called “sizing,” and will require technicians to perform a heat load calculation first before you can make an informed choice. A heat pump that is too small will never adequately heat or warm your home, and one that is too large will constantly turn on and off and drain power.

In general, heat pumps are one of the best options for home heating and cooling on the market. They still won’t work for every home, however, so make sure that your house is ready for a new heat pump.

Call Advantage Airtech today and schedule an appointment with our Scarborough, ON heat pump installation specialists today. You’ll be glad you did. 

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