It’s almost winter in Toronto… have you scheduled regular maintenance for your heater yet? If you haven’t, make an effort to get it done as soon as possible. It’s one of the best precautions you can take to avoid unnecessary repairs during the coldest days of winter, or even a full heating system breakdown. It’s harder to schedule repairs during the deep winter because HVAC technicians have numerous other emergency calls to answer. But with one visit a year for your heater, you can have the majority of potential problems for the winter taken care of. In this post, we’ll explain what happens when a technician comes to your home for routine heating maintenance in Toronto, ON.

Advantage Airtech offers different heating maintenance plans to fit your budget, and delivers extra benefits as well.

A Day in the Life of a Typical Heating Maintenance Visit

A technician will check over the components of your heating system to see if any parts are wearing down or need replacement. With a boiler, for example, the technician will see that the anode rod that protects the water tank from rusting is still in good shape. For a furnace, the technician will look over the heat exchangers to see that they aren’t developing cracks or holes. For heat pumps, the technician will check that the motors are in good shape and there are no refrigerant leaks. The technician will make a specific effort to look for possible safety issues, such as gas leaks. If anything needs repairs or replacements, the technician can either take care of the issue right there, or else schedule it for a later time if it requires more work or additional time.

The heating system will then receive a thorough tune-up: tightening connections, cleaning out excess debris, flushing the water from a boiler, checking electrical hook-ups, changing air filters, calibrating the thermostat, cleaning condensate drain lines.

After the technician has done all this, he or she will run the heater to make checks on its performance and efficiency. Does the heater turn on the way it should? Are there any abnormal noises or odors? Is the airflow correct? Is the temperature the level it should be? The technician will not leave your home until he or she is certain that your heater is working the best it can, and without any immediate problems.

Sign up for preventive maintenance today

If you aren’t enrolled in a maintenance program, call Advantage Airtech today to sign up. Aside from receiving an annual check-up and tune-up to keep your heater thriving through to spring, you will also save on our regular diagnostic fees, on parts and labor, and the purchase and installation of indoor air quality products. We can deliver you excellent heating maintenance in Toronto, ON—don’t wait, call today!

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