What Makes Hydronic Heating So Efficient?

Hydronic heating systems are those that use water as a means of heating a home. A large boiler tank heats up the water and then a series of pumps moves the water around the home and back to the tank again. There are a couple of ways the heat is delivered into the rooms of your home. It may move out into the room with the help of a radiator. An even more effective system is a set of underfloor pipes allow heat to radiate from the floor,

In either case, modern hydronic heating systems are highly efficient. While boilers manufactured decades ago may cost quite a bit of money to run, today’s hydronic systems can be nearly twice as efficient as a worn-down older unit. So what makes the design of a hydronic unit so efficient?

Reduced Heat Loss

The main reason homeowners and builders choose a boiler over a forced-air heating system (like a furnace) is the reduced heat loss. Water is an excellent conductor of heat. The heat holds as it travels from the boiler to the room, and it is emitted to the objects and people in the room.

A furnace only heats up the air that passes through. The air is sent through the ducts, which can be the source of quite a bit of heat loss. Heat dissipates as the air enters the room as well. People describe the warmth of a boiler as being more comforting and reliable than the heat that comes through the vents of a forced-air HVAC system, and you don’t waste so much energy during the heating cycle.

Optional Zone Control

Your technician can also set up a way for you to heat up only one portion of the home at a time, if you so choose. For larger homes, this can help to save a lot of money on your monthly bills if used for shutting off the heat in an unoccupied area of the home. And it helps everyone to stay warm and cozy no matter what room your family members are lounging around in.

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