What You Can Check before Calling for Air Conditioning Repair

Scheduling air conditioning repair with a professional is probably not your idea of a great day (even when you work with friendly technicians like ours). Most air conditioning issues should be handled by professionals, but there are some things you may be able to check on your own.

Circuit Breaker

When the air conditioning system will not turn on at all, it’s possible that the system has tripped the circuit breaker. Try resetting the switch, but keep in mind that this could mean that there are electrical issues within your system that should also be addressed by a professional.


It cannot hurt to check and double check the settings on your thermostat. No matter how obvious this may seem, sometimes homeowners are unaware when a guest or family member has accidentally switched the thermostat over to an unfamiliar setting (such as “heat” mode). Read the manufacturer’s guide for your thermostat (often available online) or call a technician for help.


We recommend against shutting the vents, as this can force the air conditioner to struggle. The AC is designed to cool a certain amount of space, and any change can lead to internal troubles with the system itself. That said, if one room is not getting cool air, try checking the vents and registers.

Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause more issues than you might assume. It may result in reduced cooling or a frozen coil that keeps your air conditioner from operating properly. If you suspect that a dirty filter is to blame for your AC issues, try replacing it and then waiting a few hours to run the air conditioner again.

When none of these quick fixes solve your AC issues, call the professionals at Advantage Airtech for friendly professional services in the Toronto area.