What’s the Noise Coming from My Boiler and What Can I Do about It?

One of the biggest advantages of using a boiler for home heating is that boilers are generally very quiet. Of course, the advanced comfort of a boiler is the main reason to purchase one, but when the tank becomes noisy, you cannot fully enjoy the heat. You may begin to wonder about the state of your system. Should you continue using it? Is your boiler at risk? We’ll answer these questions in today’s guide, but be sure to call a professional HVAC technician when you suspect an issue with your heater.

What Is Kettling?

Your boiler is a sturdy but delicate system designed to work at a certain temperature and under a specific amount of pressure. Boiler kettling is a term to describe the noise that occurs when something interferes with these settings. Your boiler contains a heat exchanger to raise the temperature, but a problem occurs when something blocks the heat exchanger.

Mineral deposits left behind by calcium in hard water can collect on the heat exchanger and interfere with the necessary boiler temperature. The effect of this scaling left behind on the heat exchanger causes bubbles to rise and collapse noisily, causing a loud banging or rattling noise.

Are Repairs Urgent?

Descaling the tank is a job best left to professionals, but how soon should you call? The good news is that there is little risk to your safety. Some people fear that the boiler sounds as if it may explode, but with today’s boilers, there are many modern safety features that would shut off the gas boiler before the damage became too severe.

However, fixing the problem now is vital if you want to make sure that you don’t lose heat entirely, and that there is no further damage to the boiler. Kettling causes stress for the boiler and its most important components, and it may need to be replaced long before its expected lifespan is up. A professional may assess your system and recommend descaling or an additional repair service.

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