Which Type of Furnace Is Right for My Home?

Furnaces are one of the most common types of heaters found in modern houses. They’ve been around since the beginning of home heating systems, burning coal and wood. Today’s models use advanced technology and different fuels to bring effective heating to your home during a chilly Toronto winter. The downside of having all these different types of furnaces available is it becomes difficult to make the choice of which one will do the best job for your home without putting unnecessary pressure on your energy bills.

Advantage Airtech installs many different kinds of top-of-the-line York and Carrier furnaces. We have the knowledge to help you narrow down your options so you’ll end up with the ideal furnace installation in Toronto.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to furnace types:

Fuel supply: Furnaces have used many energy sources during their long history; but today’s models tend to rely on either electricity or natural gas. If your home already uses natural gas, from a previous furnace or for stoves and hot water, then you will probably want to stay with gas power for the new furnace. The same applies for electric power and electric furnaces.

Available space: A furnace can’t be placed just anywhere and still do its job effectively. Placement is important to give it access to ducts, a power supply, and to reduce the effect of the noise it makes. Electric furnaces are usually smaller than gas furnaces, so they work better for restricted spaces. However, sizing your furnace is an installation step that needs expert input.

Energy efficiency: When it comes to the effective use of fuel (measured in AFUE), gas furnaces are superior because natural gas costs less to use than electricity. However, electric furnaces have better AFUE ratings than they once did, and depending on the needs of your home, an electric furnace might be the better choice.

Because no two homes have the same heating requirements, there’s no quick answer to the question “Which type of furnace is best for me?” But you can get an informed answer through the help of professional HVAC installation technicians. To start the process, contact an experienced company like Advantage Airtech to do a heat load calculation in your home to determine how best to heat it. Our technicians will take into account all the factors above to get you the type and model of furnace that will keep you satisfied all winter. Call us today for quality furnace installation in Toronto.