Why Experience Matters in Furnace Maintenance

Furnaces are the most common of all home heating systems, and they operate off a basic principle: the furnace burns fuel to raise the temperature of air inside its cabinet, and a blower fan then sends the heated air through conduits to vents where it spreads out into living spaces.

This simplicity is something of an illusion, however. Modern furnaces are complex devices with many mechanisms designed to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. You cannot provide the regular maintenance they need unless you have both training and experience. Instead, make a call to Advantage Airtech, where we have almost three decades of experience working on furnace maintenance in Toronto, ON, and sign up for our maintenance program.

Experienced Technicians and Your Furnace

The main reason you need experienced technicians for furnace maintenance is because of safety. This applies to all types of furnaces, but gas furnaces in particular. Maintaining a gas furnace requires checking on the gas line, gas valve, and burners. Training can tell you what to look for, but only experience can tell you all the possible problems that might develop inside the gas system. Even more important, only experience can tell you how to safely investigate systems hooked to gas lines. Electric furnaces can become hazards as well because of faulty wiring, and only years of work will help a maintenance technician target where electrical problems may lie.

The second reason experience matters for furnace maintenance is because it’s necessary for the proper handling of the equipment involved. Furnace maintenance doesn’t require a few store-bought tools; trained technicians need special analyzers to test airflow and power. The longer they’ve had working with these tools, the better.

Finally, experience is important because furnace technology is constantly evolving. Where once pilot lights ignited the gas burners, now electrical ignitions do it. Where thermocouples used to monitor heat inside the cabinet, now mercury sensors do the job. It takes years of constant work to absorb and learn all of these new technologies—and to stay on top of the new ones.

When Experience Matters, Call Advantage Airtech

Since 1987, Advantage Airtech has served Toronto, ON with heating maintenance that keeps furnaces and heat pumps humming throughout the winter. We are proud of the experience and knowledge of our team of technicians, and they are on-call 24-hours a day. “Reliability. Professional Service. Value.” That’s the Advantage Airtech difference.