Why Scraping Ice from Your Air Conditioning Won’t Work

When your air conditioning system will not cool your home, you usually hope that it’s a simple fix that doesn’t require professional air conditioning repair. Upon discovering you don’t have air conditioning, you may check your air conditioner for any visible problems. If you see ice anywhere on your system or along the refrigerant line, you may be tempted to scrape it off and assume the problem is solved. However, this usually isn’t the case, and the problem may simply reappear the following day. An air conditioner should never freeze up, so when this is the case, you should call a technician immediately for air conditioning repair.

When you see ice on your air conditioner, scraping it off immediately will not solve the problem, and can actually worsen the state of your system. Ice usually indicates a problem with the indoor evaporator coil, so if you scrape off the ice and continue to run the AC, you may cause your unit to overwork and break down. Furthermore, attempting to scrape anything from coils can cause permanent damage, so this should never be your first response.

Ice often indicates that there is not enough airflow to the indoor coil. This may simply mean your air filter is too dirty, restricting the proper amount of airflow across the indoor coil. You should clean or replace air filters about once a month to prevent such issues.

However, if airflow is not the problem, you may have a dirty or blocked coil or low refrigerant. The evaporator coil removes heat and moisture from your home. Low refrigerant causes the temperature to drop, so the water that forms outside of the evaporator coil freezes, and ice begins to build up on your system. This is most likely due a refrigerant leak, which may cause further damage to your system, so you should contact a specialist for repairs immediately.

When you notice ice on your system and you need air conditioning repair in Toronto, turn off your system and call the experts at Advantage Airtech.

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