Why Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Air Conditioning System

“Spring cleaning” is an annual ritual that means many things to different homeowners. However, one part of your home that you should include in any spring cleaning ritual is your air conditioning.

We don’t mean that you should pry open your air conditioner’s cabinet, lean in with a spray bottle of commercial cleaner and a rag and start wiping down components. In fact, you shouldn’t open your AC’s cabinet at all. Cleaning for your air conditioner means scheduling its annual tune-up and inspection from a trained HVAC technician. After a maintenance visit, you’ll have a cleaner, more efficient cooling system ready for spring.

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The advantages of “spring cleaning” AC maintenance

Spring is the season of air conditioning preparation. With worries about heaters fading with the winter, the spring offers a mild season when you can take care of your needs to combat the heat of the approaching summer. It’s also a time when HVAC companies have less crowded work schedules, making it easier to find a time for a maintenance appointment that is convenient for you.

Literal cleaning is a big part of what happens during maintenance. The technician will make sure your AC has a clean air filter to prevent loss of airflow. The components that can wear down from dirt and dust infestations, such as motors and fans, will receive necessary cleaning. If either the indoor or outdoor coils have started to develop grime that could hamper heat exchange, the technician will detach them and remove the dirt, and then put them back in place. This thorough cleaning will make sure the air conditioner runs at maximum efficiency and has the least amount of danger of developing malfunctions because of frozen coils or failed motors.

Maintenance goes past cleaning and includes adjustments, electrical connection tightening, and inspections for possible repair issues that will need addressing. If the technician finds any problems, he or she will help you schedule the repairs needed before the summer starts.

An AC with regular tune-ups will run, on average, 20% more efficiently than one that hasn’t received maintenance, and keep 95% of its efficiency over its lifetime if the maintenance is kept up. There’s less chance of a breakdown after a visit as well: of the 23 main causes of air conditioning failure, 16 are easily detected during maintenance. This will ultimately give you greater peace of mind for the summer.

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